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November 19th, 2012

post_1We all know that people have become very busy these days, which means they barely have time to dedicate full-blown attention to something for a longer period of time. With that said, marketers need to keep their email newsletters short and simple to ensure that the information is passed along to these busy bees and they don't miss out on what you're trying to tell them.
post_2There are actually quite a lot of ways this can be done. But the easiest way is to make sure that all information needed in each email is geared towards one specific subject. This would enable recipients to visibly determine the call to action immediately. Often times, the first paragraph should include an attention-grabbing introduction on what the newsletter is all about. People usually browse the topmost part of an email and once it catches their attention, next comes the call to actions. Additionally, an email should be no more than five paragraphs long. You don't want to scare your readers with a "wall of text", right?
post_3Although its seems okay to send out a marketing newsletter that contains a lot of information, short and simple emails are ideal when marketers are having a hard time coming up with content. So either way, it would still be a lot better to just get to the point.

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