Creating an Effective Email from Start to Finish

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November 28th, 2012

post_1If you have been an email marketer for quite some time now or probably just starting out, you might have wondered what makes an email look grand and work its charms on your readers. To help you out with this, it's best that we go through the parts of an email newsletter and discuss them one by one.
Let’s start from the top…
post_2"From" field - This should show your business name. People recognize you through your company better than your personal name. Remember that you only have a few seconds to get their attention into opening an email, and this is one way to get fast recognition.
post_3Subject line - Now once your recipients know who sent the email, the next thing that they will check out is the subject line. This is where you must entice them into reading what you have in store for them. Write something interesting, informative and catchy.
post_4Background and text colors - Use colors and images that are easy on the eyes. Refrain from sending an email full of bright, distracting, or dark colors. Use black or dark gray texts on white background.
post_5Social sharing icons or buttons - Allow your readers to easily share your email through different social networking site. This helps you boost visibility and marketing reach.
post_6Pre-header texts - Some email applications, like the ones used in iPhones, pull the first line of texts into the subject line. Use this to your advantage to increase open rates.
post_7Table of Contents - If you are sending a long email, make sure you include a table of contents so that your readers can easily know what your email is about, plus they can quickly jump from one section to another.
post_8Links - Give your recipients a lot of ways to get to your website, put hyperlinks on your texts, images, pre-headers, button, etc. and monitor your click through rates. This allows you to get more insight as to what your readers want.
post_9Industry News - This includes blogs, articles, statistics, and other information that are relevant to your products or services. This makes your readers feel that you are a knowledgeable resource. Just ensure that you provide the proper crediting from your sources.
post_10Keep in Touch - Make sure to add ways for your readers to keep in touch with your business: direct email link, phone number, address, business hours, etc. And with the holidays fast approaching, inform them with any schedule changes as soon as possible.
post_11Forwarding - Incorporate ways to allow your readers to forward your email to their friends or family. Plus, anyone who receives an email this way should have the option to be included in your mailing list. This makes it a great way to build more contacts.
post_12Call-to-Action Buttons - Buttons are always more prominent than text links. This should further help you increase click through rates.
post_13Social Media Buttons - Aside from the social sharing buttons mentioned above, it's great to add your company’s social media accounts like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

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