Making Sure Your Emails Are Read

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October 31st, 2012

Receiving emails is great for most people because it’s easier to browse messages and ignore those that are deemed useless. But on the contrary, this isn’t a good indication for those who are sending the messages as they don’t appear significant to the readers. More often than not, sending an email to someone you don’t really know will result in your email being sent to the “Trash” bin instead of the inbox. Now if you are looking for an opportunity for your website to get a backlink through guest posting, by all means, go ahead and find a suitable blog or website that allows such opening. However in some cases, a website will clearly mention that it is receiving a lot of proposals on guest postings, so even though the emails are read, they can’t answer them all. Now that would leave you thinking: Did they even bother checking my email?

How to Make an Email Proposal that Will Get an Answer

Emailing someone who doesn’t even know you is like living on a 50 / 50 chance. You have no idea whether your recipients would acknowledge and respond, or would just hit the delete button and move on. However, there are a few tips that can give you better chances of getting a positive feedback on your emails.

1. Use a professional email address

Although this one’s pretty obvious, you need to make sure that your email address is professional in order to establish your credibility with your recipients. Make sure that you use your company’s email address to prove your integrity as an email marketer. However, if you don’t have one, create an account under Gmail and use your full name. Why Gmail you ask? It’s because Google has been known to be a trusted source compared to other free email clients.

2. Compose an attention-grabbing subject line

Basically, you have to persuade your recipients into opening your email, and your only weapons are the subject line and the email body itself. Keep in mind that the subject line is the first (and hopefully not the last) thing that your recipients would see, so you need to make every word counts! The best thing you can do is put something that is recognizable to your recipients. Let’s say you work for a certain company and you’re asking for the opportunity for guest posting from a blog owner. You need to come up with a subject line that includes your purpose as to why you are sending them an email. Don’t forget to include your name and company information. For example: “Blog Posting from (name) of (company)”. This way, people would immediately know that your email offers a great opportunity for their blog to gain more readers who are interested in a specific product or service.

3. Write a simple but meaningful email body

No one is interested to read a wall of text in an email body. Just keep it short, simple, and concise. Go straight to the point and offer valuable information. You could introduce yourself briefly as well, just so that people would know who they’re dealing with. Don’t forget to include hyperlinks to your own website since this will highly help prove your credibility
In addition to that, be very wary of some sites that may request for a template for email senders. If you want your email to be read, you have to follow certain guidelines or else your emails will end up in the junk folder How about you? What makes you want to open an email? Just comment below and we’ll be glad to look into it!

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