Email Marketing: Small Changes Can Yield Big Results

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November 28th, 2012

post_1As a business owner, we find ourselves too busy for almost anything. Oftentimes, we could barely squeeze in additional tasks on a daily basis. This means that sending out email newsletters bi-weekly can pose a big challenge for us, let alone testing, optimizing and segmenting them. However, it is possible that with just a few minor changes, you can actually generate bigger results. You might be wondering about how to further develop and increase your open and click-through rates of your emails. Well it's pretty obvious that people will open and read your email newsletters if you've got killer contents. Always keep in mind that "Content is King". However, aside from that, remember that a little bit goes a long way. Here are some small changes that you can follow to generate big results:
post_2Pre-header Text This is the first line in your email. This usually serves as a secondary subject line which provides your subscribers more reason to read your email. This is one change that would turbocharge your email because it shows right below the subject line in their inbox.
post_3Table of Contents With table of content, this helps your subscribers navigate through your contents easily to find the most interesting part for them, instead of searching through blocks of contents in your newsletter. Add anchor links to your table of contents that directs towards the mentioned sections. This allows them to jump from one content to another that catches their attention the most, leading them to the intended action.
post_4Alt Text Most often than not, email browsers do not load the images by default, therefore the pictures aren't initially seen by the readers unless they click the "display images" link. Whenever a picture is not displayed, readers see the alt text. Instead of showing image.jpg, you can replace it with your promotional message instead, like: Save 10% on all purchases until the end of the month! This will surely make your readers want to see that image and provide you with higher click-through rates.
post_5Social Sharing Icons Adding social sharing icons in your newsletters or emails gives your reader an option to share your content within their social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This allows you to get more possible clients and at the same time, your company gets further marketing visibility.
post_6Social Networking Sites Links Another great way of getting your readers engaged is to include your social networking sites links such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. This gives them the opportunity to like your fan page, pin your website, and follow you.
post_7Give Out Promotional Offers A lot, if not all, of your subscribers joined your mailing list because you might have probably promised them that you would send them something valuable in return once they typed in their email address. Aside from helpful information about a certain product or service that you offer, everyone is dying to see a discount coupon sent over to their emails, or any special discounts and sales. This will surely increase your click-throughs.
So with just a little tweak, you'd be surprised to see that your email marketing campaign would be soaring up high on the numbers. If you have more to add, let us know!

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