3 Simple Yet Effective Questions to Ask to Help Close a Sale

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November 28th, 2012

post_1There are times wherein we ask ourselves, "Why is it, despite all the sales pitches and promotional campaigns, that we only get a few leads?" This oftentimes keeps us thinking that there might be something wrong with the marketing approach or technique that we are using. Nowadays, it seems so hard to close a new sale, especially if you are to market your products or services towards a business. You'd be lucky to even talk to a prospect for over 5 minutes on the phone, and most likely jump for joy if you get them to personally meet up with you.
Why is it so difficult to close a sale in the first place? Here are two usual reasons:
  • Time constraints - Almost everyone is busy these days, and wouldn't want to be disturbed by some promotional advertisements over the phone or in any way, whatsoever. This means that if you try to call your potential prospects, you might end up getting hung up on.
  • Budget constraints - The person, or business, that you are trying to sell your products to may not have the budget to spend.
However, based from marketing experts as well as the researches done, the key to closing a sale is to understand the needs of your clients. With that in mind, you need to make sure that you keep these three questions in mind if you plan on getting your revenue up:

1. What does your business do?

Knowing what your potential clients do and what their needs are allows you to alter your sales pitch accordingly. You need to know how to tackle the doubts that they might have in mind based on what their business is about. For example, if your target client is a restaurant owner, then you might need to tailor your marketing spiels according to how you would answer any budget-related concerns, because oftentimes, the margin of restaurateurs aren’t as big compared to software companies. There is no one way ticket to success when closing a sale, but use the right key to open the door.

2. Do you own a product or use a service similar to ours now? If so, what do you like and not like about it?

This gives you a better understanding whether or not your prospect really knows what you are selling. This makes it easier for you to adjust. Know what problems their business is encountering and find a solution for them based on your products and services.

3. When would you be looking to purchase the product and finally make a change?

This question allows you to know any objection that might be hindering your prospect into purchasing from you right there and then. It could be that their boss would want them to look at other potential competitors, or look into your product more. The only way for you to resolve any concern is to know what they are. Getting clear cut answers from these three questions will get you to the road of closing a sale in no time!

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