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Service abuse is among the primary issues that commercial websites seek to resolve. Similar to other companies, MailFresh is resolved to effectively handle and address reports of abuse of our services.

MailFresh has undertaken all the necessary steps to stop abusive practices:

  • MailFresh employs an excellent team of human reviewers whose job is to manually evaluate and approve new MailFresh Accounts. We have a specific set of guidelines to observe when it comes to analyzing IP information and user behavior patterns.
  • Users are initially required to agree to MailFresh’s Terms of Use prior to their creation of user accounts and use of services such as importing customer lists.
  • MailFresh’s system is run and managed by our very own proven technology, which is responsible for the
    detection of suspicious campaign activities. MailFresh ensures that such issues are addressed before affected campaigns roll out.
  • MailFresh provides newbie customers, especially those with no existing list to export, with customizable sign up forms that can be placed in their websites. We use the double opt-in method to verify the authenticity of every sign up attempt.
  • Clients, need to provide their physical mailing address, and permission reminders during their every attempt to create a list. The information they provide will be included in their campaigns.
  • Campaigns created and implemented using MailFresh’s system are embedded with one-click unsubscribe links.
  • MailFresh’s system provides automated soft bounce clean-up after five attempts. It instantly takes care of hard bounces immediately.


  • MailFresh clients receive regular updates and information regarding the latest industry best practices via our newsletters and official blog.
  • New clients are given the proper orientation as often as needed to help them become familiar with MailFresh’s structure and services offered.
  • Navigating our user interface, clients are able to receive assistance, tips and other such information that would help them understand complex concepts like spam laws and marketing etiquette.


  • Each and every single email campaign created and deployed via MailFresh’s servers have distinct Campaign IDs for reference. Users can refer to these unique IDs to easily report suspected abuse. Reports received from our abuse form are immediately handled and investigated. As for suspicious accounts, MailFresh automatically suspends them while investigation continues.
  • With MailFresh’s close-knit relationship with major anti-spam bodies and ISPs, we automatically receive
    automatic feedback loop alerts for every instance of an abuse report. Once we receive such an alert, the user in question will be automatically be suspended on MailFresh’s network. If alerts exceed the acceptable limit, the account shall be halted and an investigation will be conducted. Since MailFresh’s IPs are involved in high volume email sending and all our users share our IP, MailFresh imposes a stricter threshold compared to top ISPs and ESPs.

Report Abuse

Do not hesitate to report suspected abuse of our services to MailFresh’s abuse desk. Use the form below/on the left/on the right (please indicate the campaign ID indicated on the email header).

For customers who wish to receive feedback as well as those who no longer want to be part of MailFresh’s user list, simply provide your email address (optional) as well as other contact information in your report. Your email address will be used in the investigation of the suspected instance of abuse.

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