How to Increase Your Subscribers List Dramatically

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May 16th, 2013

Affiliate program

Do you know the exact value that an email subscriber is for your business? If you do, you could consider an affiliate program. The incentive/sign-up costs the subscriber nothing but you would pay out to the affiliate per subscriber based on your advanced monetary understanding of your email marketing program. If you’re paying out less than the value of your email subscriber, that’s a win, my friend. Make sure you really do know your numbers on this one though.

Subscription via the comment box

Increasing conversions is all about reducing the number of steps between the visitor and your desired action. If your visitor is already entering their email address somewhere like in a comment box, it only makes sense that adding a check mark to also subscribe to your newsletter would increase conversions.

Are you using WordPress? Check out this plugin to add that capability to your site.

Patrol forums and sitesGuest posting

is a great way to get in front of a bigger sampling of your ideal audience. To get the most email subscribers out of your guest post, make good use of your About the Author bio box. Use a sentence to encourage readers to sign up for your awesome list or describe your incentive. Include a link to that exact place where they can sign up /download that free report/sign up for that webinar, etc..

Oh, and definitely make sure your guest post is awesome on its own.


No, not your incentive. Give away something else for free. No, not a contest. Give something free away to anyone interested not just a few winners. Free….minus the cost of submitting an email address. It could be a webinar (like Alicia Cowan’s on the new Facebook Timeline) or an eBook (like 52 Headline Hacks), or a tool (like LKR’s new one for Facebook Timeline Covers)

Of course, all related to your business and ideal audience.


You probably have heard this one before as a way to grow your audience but   let me issue this warning – MAKE IT RELEVANT. Don’t run a contest to win a   flat screen TV if your ideal client is an athlete with foot pain. Although that  athlete may very well be interested in the flat screen, use your contest to  ONLY attract your ideal client – and weed out the non-ideal prospects.

Good example? Give away a sampling of your service or product – you might  see lower contest entries but you better believe each entry is an ideal client  prospect. Let them know they’ll also be subscribed to your newsletter as part  of the entry process (they’ll still have to confirm their subscription because  you’re using double-opt-in, right?)

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