How to Build Your Email List Using Your Content

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April 25th, 2013


Out of the many ways to build an email list, offering quality content can be the most effective. Content includes copy, links, image, audio and video. Your content should be rich in information about what you're selling. It should also include other useful information that is relevant to your product and services. Here are some ideas on how to build your email list using your content:


Offer quality content

Your content should be based on a high standard and must be faithful to what you're advertising or promising. In other words, make sure your content is not malicious or misleading. The copy should be original and able to simplify complicated ideas as the readers attention span competes with that of a goldfish. The images and video should be available in different formats. Your entire content should present credible facts only. It should avoid false and empty claims.


Offer enticing giveaways

What better way to attract subscribers than a combination of quality content plus giveaways? How else to entice people to subscribe to your newsletter than to offer them something for free? It's a classic and effective move that any email list builders shouldn't do without. But your freebies don't have to cost you an arm and a leg. So transform your content into downloadable PDF and eBook files, eBooks, mp3 and mp4 audio and video files. You can also throw in worksheets if applicable.

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