Our “Pay-Per-Subscriber” service generates opt-in subscribers at an affordable cost that automatically are updated in your account.

MailFresh offers a “pay-per-head” or “pay-per-subscriber” service that generates opt-in lists for paid advertisers at affordable costs. This service automatically funnels high-quality email leads to our clients’ campaigns, promoting the growth of their online business.

: Benefits of Using Email Leads

Unique, High Quality Email Leads Only

Quality is more important than quantity to us, as we know it’s the best way to create repeat customers. Many suppliers resell the same leads or "incentivize" them. MailFresh does not re-sell or incentivize leads. You get a good “bang for your buck” every time.

Instant, Automatic List Building

All your subscribers will automatically be added to your MailFresh campaign. We handle everything for you 24/7.

No Confirmation Required

Since the email leads are permission-based and generated through our trusted MailFresh network, your leads are entered into your account automatically and instantly - no additional confirmation required

No More Spam Worries

MailFresh provides your leads, so all the risk and work associated with potential spam complaints is on us.

Forget About “Packaged” Lead Deals

Many lead companies sell lists that you can immediately use and import into your account. However, the sad reality is that these lists are "cold" or unqualified leads. On the contrary, MailFresh leads are more qualified and more effective.

: Features

Getting Qualified, Not Incentivized Leads

Close More Deals With Fewer, Higher Quality Leads
The MailFresh Guarantee
Leads generated by MailFresh are neither sold to third parties nor incentivized. We only provide you with a steady stream of high quality opt-in leads to increase your response rates.

Increase Your Conversion Rates with Pre-qualified Leads

Good Conversion Rate Is The Foundation Of High Sales Volume
Connect and Convert
Build top notch, pre-qualified leads that convert. Using MailFresh helps you grow your list and business automatically with high quality, opt-in leads.

Stop Worrying About Spam

Canned Spam, Just Quality Leads
Don’t waste money on package deals. With MailFresh, you can forget about spam and focus on your business.

: How It Works


Select the package of leads that suits your needs.


Your ads should consist of the title 50 characters or less (including spaces) and the description 150 characters long or less (including spaces).


Once your ad has been reviewed and approved by our Support Team, it will start collecting leads for delivery to your MailFresh Account and then exported to .csv file, your Email or your MailFresh account.

: Pricing Plans That Fit Your Needs

Pricing Plans

Lead Count
Cost Each

Try MailFresh for FREE with 50 leads.

200 Leads

500 Leads

1000 Leads

2000 Leads





or $.045 each

or $.038 each

or $.36 each

or $0.32 each

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