Cancellation Policy

Both you and Mail Fresh have the freedom to terminate your use of the services as well as your agreement to the Terms at any given time. Should you decide to end your use of the Services, you shall be obliged to pay the fees that apply for the balance and then most recent billing period (for monthly billing period, your account shall be prorated to the nearest month-end succeeding termination), which includes all the Add-ons you might be using. Once your Mail Fresh account is terminated, all your User Content shall no longer appear on the Services, except, however, for User Content submitted to the Site’s public areas like the blog, product reviews or forum. This type of User Content could remain on the Site after Termination. Mail Fresh could also archive your User Content after termination, and you hereby give us a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable license to keep such archival copy for whatever internal business use we might have for them.

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