2 Main Advantages of Double Opt-Ins

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April 16th, 2013


When it comes to lists, it's quality (list quality) over quantity (list size) for email senders. But quality wins as the Email Service Provider's IP reputation is on the line. Double opt-ins offers these advantages:


It promotes quality of opens and clicks, and prevents high bounces and unsubscribes

Double opt-in lists have a lower unsubscribe rate than single opt-in lists because only users who are really interested in what you're offering will sign-up. Its two-step process also prevents high bounce rates, blacklisting, and spam traps.


Double opt-in lists have better open rates and it offers more security

Double opt-ins promotes unique opens. It also registers multiple opens per subscriber. And these opens mean more conversions. As for security, consumers are wary about their privacy being compromised. People know that their personal data can be easily compromised via spamming. The double opt-in system ensures that subscriber’s data are secured.

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