Holiday Email Marketing – 10 Helpful Tips to Road of Success

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December 11th, 2012

post_1Do you already have plans for this upcoming holiday? If so, then you might also want to put some attention to your email marketing plans and make sure that they are ready for Christmas. Here are 12 great tips to optimize your holiday email marketing strategies and increase your revenue and ROI.

Use Best Practices for Deliverability

When you increase email volume, this means that your ISP will experience overload of incoming messages which can put your email messages at risk of never landing in your receivers' inboxes. You have to make sure that you monitor your complaints and sender score benchmarks. When the holiday comes, be flexible and keep back up plans depending on how customers react to your email sets.

Providing Opt-Up and Opt-Down Options

Not every customer will be as engaging and excited about holiday emails considering the fact that emails are flooding inboxes every now and then during this time of the year. Most often than not, this is the main reason why a lot of subscribers abandon the mailing list for good. If you want to make sure that this does not happen, give the customers the option for opt-down, or let them know that they can also opt-up if they wish to receive daily deal. Also, let customers know that the email volume will return to normal once the holiday season is over. Keep in mind that you must treasure the customers' value; this enables momentum within your company.

Use This Opportunity for Cross-Channel Acquisition

Customers tend to be more eager to sign-up to emailing lists during holiday seasons, so make this easy for them. This is also the best time to apply acquisition strategies and make sure that they can easily sign-up for your newsletters. Track where your new subscribers are coming from and measure how this technique is performing after the holidays. Additionally, the most important thing is to keep in touch with your subscribers even after the holiday.

Check Your Welcome Message

Since you are gaining a lot more new subscribers during holiday seasons, you should reexamine your welcome experience. Studies show that immediate welcome messages provide higher conversion rates and sales than those with delays. In addition to that, pep up your content and make sure to add information about your brand, communication options, cross-channel opportunities, etc.

Subject Lines are Always Important

Test different subject lines as early as now. This enables you to see which ones would work well during the holiday itself.

Socialize and Interact

Use social networking sites and incorporate them in your email marketing agenda. Also, you can use interactive elements like videos, countdowns, animations, etc. to make your email more lively and engaging for the readers, plus this would set you apart from your competitors.

Create Buzz and Start Conversation

Keep your customers and potential clients engaged by using conversation starters and topics that will entice your readers. Afterwards, use the information to create marketing plans and strategies to lure more customers into purchasing your products or services. It is known that 32% of online shoppers made their purchases because of what they saw on image-sharing sites such as Pinterest and other social sites.

Don't Forget Mobility!

People these days are hooked into mobile devices like cellular phones and tablets. These gadgets use different interface which means that you have to make sure that your email and website is optimized for mobile viewing.

Free Shipping!!!

This is by far the most popular offer during the holiday season and customers are expecting this to happen. Usually this offer lasted longer than the usual dates and if this type of promotion is only applicable to specific segments, then it's best to use flexible email templates that can be advantageous during rapid promotion changes.

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