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MailFresh is a simple, powerful one-platform email marketing solution. That can increase your engagement rates by 80% on your emails. newsletters, campaigns, and automated lead marketing - in one simple interface.

In just minutes, create custom emails, newsletters, e-zines, sign-up forms, landing pages, and surveys. Our platform allows you to send mobile emails to your mobile users to app-like emails and landing pages. You can build custom email and marketing automation campaigns that deliver ONLY the content your subscribers are interested in.

MailFresh is designed for the individual or small business (or even an agency) at every level of marketing experience and technical skill level, with MailFresh you can create and design ANY kind of email (scheduled or automated) and matching email landing page and forms, giving you a full featured email marketing and publishing platform.

MailFresh has all of the tools required to deliver custom, managed , relevant email content to your subscribers to make all your email campaigns engaged and responsive over time.

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Having a MailFresh Account is like having all the Email Marketing Tools and an Email Marketing Agency all in one platform.

unlimited sending Unlimited Sending Plans

MailFresh guarantees no hidden account caps. Our pricing plans are based on what we thing customers can comfortably afford. Monthly plans are designed for frequent email senders, as well as those who send at least once every month.

pay as you go Pay-as-You-Go Plans

Send emails without paying monthly fees. MailFresh offers one of the most flexible payment plans, which allows you to roll your credits over every month. With Pay-as-You-Go plans, you only pay for every email you send. This plan is the best for you if you are the type who sends irregular number of emails every month.

email previews Email Previews

See how your email looks like on over 25 email clients as well as mobile devices. We’ll let you take a look at your email template as it appears on different email clients. MailFresh also gives you the ability to test your email’s compatibility with the latest mobile devices. That’s not all. Fixing a rendering problem in your campaign won’t break a sweat because of MailFresh’s vast numbers of servers.

spam filter Spam Filter Tests

MailFresh allows you to easily avoid spam filters, which in turn results in higher email deliverability. We also deploy our very own anti-spam filters in order to ensure that your messages hit the inbox, not the junk folder. MailFresh’s specialist team of email delivery experts continuously participates in regular anti-spam initiatives to offer the best protection for your emails and your reputation.

email analytics Email Analytics

Curious about the data you’ve never had? See how and where your email messages were read. MailFresh supplies you with different details regarding your email campaign such as who read and deleted your messages, who used a computer and a mobile device, or how many of your messages were printed or forwarded. MailFresh’s email analytics enables you to collect instant behavioral information for your campaigns.

list building List Building

Get more subscribers; build local profitable and permission-based email lists with MailFresh. We’ll help you establish and grow your contact list, which is the core of your email marketing campaign. Our list-building tools, which include opt-in forms, will help you easily collect data from site visitors.
mailfresh logo : Features

mailfresh Manage Contacts

manage contats
One of the keys to successful email communication is the efficient organization and management of your contacts database. Managing contacts has never been easier with MailFresh’s contact management service. We’ll take care of everything from sign up forms to list building. MailFresh lets you easily add contacts using simple copy and paste or by importing straight from CSV files or MS Excel. The autoresponder feature facilitates customer signup confirmations via standard welcome emails.

mailfresh Create Newsletters

create newsletters
Designing and creating newsletters is a breeze with MailFresh. We’ll provide you all the tools you need to craft engaging personalized email newsletters, which are easily integrated into your existing services and shared on social networks. You can also choose among hundreds of ready-to-send newsletter templates. We’ll guide you in creating all kinds of newsletters for all types of industries.

mailfresh Send Emails

send emails
Years of experience have allowed MailFresh to develop an effective and highly consistent email sending infrastructure that is compliant with the latest industry best practices for sending emails. We have established strong white-list relationships with the leading ISPs, ensuring a high deliverability rate. With MailFresh, your email communications reach more customers’ inboxes.

mailfresh Track Emails

track emails
MailFresh offers you the best message reporting features detailing how many of your emails were opened and clicked. You will also be notified about the delivery status of your emails, as well as the number of forwarded messages and customers who unsubscribed from your mail list. We’ll show you all the statistics using simple charts and graphs for easier understanding.

mailfresh Auto Responders

auto reponders
An autoresponder service allows you to automatically generate and forward emails to your contacts. MailFresh’s autoresponder service enables you to generate Welcome messages, Follow-ups, Thank You emails and even specialized greetings to further strengthen your business relationship with your customers.

mailfresh List Segmentation

list segmentation
List segmentation allows you to determine the appropriate email campaign for your customers. Using web analytics and tracking, you can establish different customer profiles and group your contacts based on certain criteria. We’ll help you create the right segmentation criteria by looking what your customers wants based on their past activities and dealings with you.

mailfresh Web Forms

web forms
Web forms do wonders for business simply because they are among the primary means to collect customer data. MailFresh’s cutting-edge technology allows you to create customized web forms to grab your customers’ attention. We’ll help you create web forms that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are industry standard compliant.

mailfresh Surveys

The most efficient and effective way to gain insight about your customers’ needs and preferences is to use email surveys. Create free online surveys using MailFresh and get all the information you need using customer feedback to come up with specifically targeted marketing campaigns. Why waste money in hiring researchers when you can conduct your own research using online surveys?

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